$$$: Sliding Scale, At-Cost, Grants, etc.

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How do you keep the lights on at your bicycle program?

Are you a non-profit? For-profit? No money involved?

Small-scale? Large-scale? Somewhere in between?

Do you sell/exchange goods and services at a sliding-scale cost? At-cost?? For free???

I want to facilitate a financial discussion on creative ways to fund long-term community bicycle projects, ranging from Do-It-Yourself workshop spaces to youth programming to whatever else you're up to in your city/town/village.

Background: Pierre is a volunteer member of the Spokeland Bicycle Cooperative, a DIY nonprofit (501c3) bicycle workshop in Oakland, CA. Spokeland's biggest expense is rent, followed by new parts/accessories purchasing. These expenses are funded primarily through the exchange of used bicycles and parts for monetary donations. Spokeland is open for at least 11 hours every week, and at least 3 days per week.





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