PEDALs! Bite-sized Lessons in Innovative Organizing

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Partnerships, Engagement, Design, and Access Lectures: five to seven organizers will each present a five-to-seven-minute talk about one innovative initiative they have been involved with this year. These “PEDALs” will reveal exciting projects happening in community bike shops across the world. Whether you’re involved in lowering barriers to bike access, building creative infrastructure, collaborating with unexpected partners, or expanding your community of members, this is an opportunity to present your exciting work and learn about other initiatives. 

The workshop will be facilitated by Josh Bisker and Aida Mas Baghaie from the Mechanical Gardens Bike Co-op. To get our gears going, they will also lead a PEDAL on an ongoing participatory design process to start a bike repair outpost at a community garden in Queens, NY. 

Call for submissions! If you’re interested in presenting your own PEDAL, contact


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