CBS Volunteer/Donation Model

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This discussion group will explore the possibilities of using the common volunteer/donation business model utilized by Community Bike Shops for starting up other community activist centers supporting other areas of human life. This would be a great discussion group for anyone who's ever said "I wish there was a low-cost place I could go for ____" or "I've always wanted to learn _____ but where can I go for that?" We will offer up our ideas, and respectfully discuss the process one might undertake to establish an organization of that kind.

CBS volunteers are in a position to aid other projects of this nature because of their experience running volunteer/donation organizations and creating safer spaces in which learning can take place between diverse groups. For those passionate not just about bikes and the environment, but about freeing people from the shackles of capitalism, this would be an excellent discussion group.

Examples to be discussed: a clothing/learn-to-sew shop where patrons bring their sewing projects to get advice; a computer/learn-to-nerd shop where the important issues of net neutrality, internet security, website building, using the internet as a tool of activism, and general computer savvy are taught; home repair, auto repair, or even health care spaces, like massage, where registered massage therapists not only provide therapeutic massage, but teach patrons their trade so they can give back and massage others seeking treatments; or physiotherapy/personal training, where you can be supervised and receive advice during exercise and stretching. All run by volunteers and supported by donations!




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