Multiple Intelligences in (Bike) Education

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Bike workshops are a microcosm for human interactions and emotions. There's intimidation, frustration and failures, balanced with discovery, collaboration and successes. Let's take this learning environment and use it to transform the way that we engage with learning in the rest of our lives. Become the kind of educator that inspires and empowers all types of students.

  • Are you in love with the outdoors?
  • Are you extremely empathetic?
  • Do you struggle with multiple choice exams?
  • Do you have a greater appreciation for music than most?
  • Do you think in images rather than words?

Exploring Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences in an interactive way, we'll define how we learn and how we can support others to learn whether it's about bike repair, physics or food sciene...This interactive workshop is all about self-discovery and reflection.





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