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Avez-vous des compétences dont vous voulez nous faire profiter? Vous voulez parler de la création d'espaces communautaires positifs? Vous voulez vous assurer qu'il y aura une belle sortie à vélo pendant le Congrès? Suggérez une présentation! Vous n'avez pas à être expert(e). L' avis du plus grand nombre possible des membres des ateliers communautaires nous intéresse.

  • Addressing our criminal justice problem through biking

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    Exploring the concerns of over incarceration through the lens of a new nonprofit endeavor. This workshop will be a presentation and small group discussion. The speaker is the founder of a brand new nonprofit that seeks to creatively approach a social / cultural problem that is at the heart of our criminal justice system. The mission of the nonprofit is: To help at-risk fatherless children avoid the criminal justice system. The pilot season is scheduled for summer 2020.

    Please join me for a short presentation and discussion rooted in love and creativity. How do I plan to climb this social mountain? A lot of prayer and jelly beans! Find out the philosophy behind the nonprofit and my dream for the nonprofit.

    "A winner is a dreamer who never gives up" Nelson Mandela

  • Automating community bike shop information flow with a freeware system

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    A demonstration of a virtually free hosted web platform for entering, tracking, and reporting your shop's major transactions related to bikes, people, and money. Enter bikes into inventory, print sales tags, email donation/sales receipts, track visitor hours and credits, track expenses and sales, publish your bikes to a searchable catalog on your website, collect email addresses, and more. An account for using this system is available at no cost to non-profit community bike shops, however donations from financially sustainable shops are welcome to help offset operational and development costs.

    This workshop is a demo of a custom system used by a few shops in Delaware and New Jersey. The workshop might be more useful and complete if others wanted to join to share what tools they use for shop management.

  • Back to School: challenges and opportunities for college town community bike shops

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    Would love to partner with a couple of other college town community shop leaders to shape some content for, and present, Part 1. Particularly any shop leaders who have managed to obtain subsidized or gratis shop space on a university campus or other significant funding from a university.


    University towns are excellent environments for community bike shops. Not only is cycling an efficient mode of campus transportation, but universities are hubs of education, social equity, and environmental activism. Hear dozens of ways in which other established shops in college towns have partnered with universities, ranging from abandoned bike recycling, to mechanical engineering design projects, to advocating bike safety and security. Share your experiences, learn from others, and bring home successful models you can reference in proposals to your local community, or to inform starting a new community shop in a college town.

    Part I: Presentation of ideas and solutions specific to college town communities, including ways to formally and informally collaborate with administration, students, faculty, and parents in the areas of safety and security, bike recycling, academic collaborations, campus & transportation planning, community relations, and more.

    Part II: Discussion among all participants, including further ideas and Q&A amongst each other.

  • Fundamentals of Self-Supported Touring

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    Interested in bike touring?

    A discussion of gear, travel methods, and apps--with a focus on cycling in Europe--based on experiences from 14 cycle tours through 34 countries.

  • National Survey of Community Bike Shops

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    Hi! I am new to the Bike!Bike! conference. This last fall I did an on line survey of community bike shops in the US and would like to share the results with folks at this conference - many who may have participated in the study. And also get feedback of the results.

  • Using open-source hardware and software with bikes to advocate for safer streets

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    We describe a bike outfitted with two ultrasonic ranging sensors, two cameras, a GPS, a real-time clock, and an inertial measurement unit containing an accelerometer and gyro. Together, this array of open-source sensors has allowed us to determine when and where motorists adhere to the “3 foot law” in several key roadways the US city of Atlanta, GA. In addition to overtake distance, the system permits the cyclist to determine their absolute speed, their absolute position and time, the relative speed of overtaking cars, road surface roughness, and incline. We propose dimensionless number that serves to rank the safety of bike lanes (and other infrastructure) across the region of study relative to an abstract “perfect” reference bike lane. Both the bike and instrumentation were developed at open-access and DIY organizations in Atlanta such as the Sopo Bicycle Cooperative. We hope this presentation will provide insight to others wishing to integrate open-source electronics with bicycles.

  • WTF: The Importance of Representation and Self-Supported Spaces

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    This workshop will be led by WTF+ identifying cyclists, advocates, and mechanics and will discuss important themes surrounding the inclusion and support of bicycle-oriented spaces and events by and for women, trans, femme, non-binary, gender non-conforming folks.

    Part 1: Panel discussion

    Part 2: Hands-on mechanic demonstration

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