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Avez-vous des compétences dont vous voulez nous faire profiter? Vous voulez parler de la création d'espaces communautaires positifs? Vous voulez vous assurer qu'il y aura une belle sortie à vélo pendant le Congrès? Suggérez une présentation! Vous n'avez pas à être expert(e). L' avis du plus grand nombre possible des membres des ateliers communautaires nous intéresse.

  • B!B!E! Nuts and Bolts

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    Behind the Scenes

    Learn what makes Bike!Bike! Everywhere! possible:

    • Meet this year's organizers
    • Hard work and magic
    Language Justice
    • We need YOU! We are you!
    • Ability to speak & read in Spanish & English
    will make meetings easier
    will make your role easier
    • Three year commitments preferred
    Year 1 - learn & do
    Year 2 - teach & do
    Year 3 - be there for questions (with option to transfer into new role)
    • On-the-unpaid-job training
    • Letters of reference
    • Be a part of our sweet little community
    • All volunteers and former volunteers are invited to the B!B!E! Volunteer After-party
    • Help Bike!Bike! Everywhere! happen again next year
    • GET INVOLVED! JoIn iN! Poke your nose in! Collaborate! Contribute! GeT In oN ThE AcTiOn! Play a part! Chip in! HeLp oUt! Participate! Take part! DO IT TODAY!!
    • We also are looking for facilitators for workshops on some specific topics for next year.
    Questions, Comments, and Discussion
  • Bizi fanzine & rol por playas

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    Bizi fanzine: el único fanzine para niñes que les muestra la bici como un medio de transporte, además de ser un deporte o juego. El fanzine es gratuito en Tijuana y se comparte el archivo PDF para imprimir en donde sea. Hecho con collage y colaboraciones por artistas locales para colorear. 

    ¡Del papel a la acción! El fanzine se ha materializado con varias actividades, convivencias inclusivas y gratuitas, como Bike shower (tal cual lavar bicis en parque públicos) y la exhibición "Echa ojo: ¿Cómo elegir la bicicleta adecuada?. Además del paseo ciclista semanal "Rol por playas" donde pedaleamos niñes, adolescentes, adultes incluso personas autistas.

  • Criar en bicicleta en el sur de Chile

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    La bicicleta ha sido parte de mi vida desde muy temprana edad: me brindó la independencia para moverme al colegio (en una ciudad pequeña), sacarme de la rutina del metro en Santiago y descubrir la ciudad; usarla como medio de transporte limpio, rápido y económico en Londres cuando estudiamos; y como medio de transporte cotidiano para movernos con nuestro hijo y el que viene en camino por la ciudad de Coyhaique, Chile

    En este taller, el objetivo es conversar acerca cómo nos podemos mover por la ciudad con niñes y motivar a que muchos más se sumen. Contarles desde nuestra experiencia viviendo con nuestro hijo en Coyhaique, con inviernos fríos, come se puede hacer y presentarles distintas opciones que hemos ido empleando. Hablaremos de los beneficios de moverse en bicicleta, también de las limitantes que hemos encontrado en la ciudad para facilitar este medio de transporte y de los desafíos que tenemos como sociedad para diseñar ciudades amigables para la movilidad activa de niños y niñas desde la primera infancia.

  • How we can end Built-to-Fail Budget Bicycles!

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    Since last year's Bike!BikeEverywhere workshop, our Petition to End the Manufacture and Sale of Built-to-Fail Budget Bicycles has received over 3,350 signatures from bicycle shops, co-ops, mechanics, and advocacy groups around the world, and has gotten some decent media attention! What comes next? We need your help!

    Join this workshop to learn how we can use this petition to slow or stop the flow of single-use bicycles into our communities while building infrastructure, institutions and policy that increase access to reliable and repairable bicycles instead!

    This facilitated community conversation will 1) remind us of the state of badly-constructed, unsafe, unrepairable budget bikes and the problems they are causing in our communities, and 2) look at system-wide solutions we can all move forward together that center poor and working class and rural populations - including ways to support and grow this current campaign.

    For more information, contact Mac Liman (she/her) at

  • Impact of Community Bicycle Shops from the Perspective of Patrons

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    Since 2018, members of the Bike!Bike! community have been working on an exploratory survey that aimed to identify the impacts of Community Bicycle Shops (CBS) from the perspective of patrons. The survey was sent to numerous CBS across North America. A total of 12 shops participated and 154 patrons responded to the survey. Building on presentations in Bike!Bike! 2018 and Bike!Bike!Everywhere! 2021, this workshop will officially launch the final report from the survey and make it available to all members of the Bike!Bike! community. Another goal of this workshop is to open up a discussion of CBS evaluation, what strategies have worked, challenges experienced, and what role(s) can the Bike!Bike! network play to facilitate CBS evaluation. 

  • Making Connections: How to use our Work and Values to Increase Community Support

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    The work that community bike shops and bike advocacy groups do is incredibly valuable in our respective communities. While some groups have cracked the code and are sustainably supported by their membership, allies, volunteers, and funding sources, others deal with constant turnover, lack of funding, and wavering community support. This workshop aims to lead a facilitated discussion on various strategies that may help increase the support for our initiatives and help with the sustainability of our organizations. Those who have had success or are struggling with recruitment and/or retention are encouraged to attend and share their experiences. Starting with the concept of branding and basic social marketing strategies, the workshop will then lead into a conversation which will hopefully serve as a knowledge sharing opportunity for the Bike!Bike! community.

  • Making the Big Guys Work for You

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    For those participating in mutual aid and community organizing, utilizing the resources of larger-scale organizations can do wonders for your capacity and reach. Join this discussion-based workshop to learn about the opportunities available to receive funds for your projects, involve communities in your work, increase cycling education, and make the world a better place.

  • Multiresistencias a través de la bicicleta en Chile

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    La crisis climatica, social y cultural requiere cambios de paradigmas urgentes en torno a nuetsra relación con nuestro entorno y entre comunidades. Para esto utilizamos la bicicleta como herramienta para dirigir esos cambios de paradigmas, donde buscamos facilitar su uso pero tambien llevar a cabo distintas inicativas, como mapeos, ciencia comunitaria, charlas, discusiones y generar puntos de encuentros para impulsar los cambios que la ciudad necesita.

    En esta charla, queremos mostrales que actividades estamos llevando a cabo en nuestras ciudades, que cambios se han genberado y que problemas estan resistiendo nuestras comunidades.

  • Social Bike Rides

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    Social bicycle rides exist throughout the world and bring diverse communities of bicycle riders together. These go by many different names, such as Bike Party, Slow Roll, Bike Night, etc. In this workshop, I hope to bring together organizers, volunteers, and participants from these rides to discuss how these rides are organized, what works well for different rides, how to address challenges and difficult situations, and how these rides vary depending on the community in which they are hosted.

  • Software vs Paper II

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    Due to the success of Software vs Paper during B!B!E!2021, I am repeating the same format for 2022! This workshop occurred in two 45 minute sessions, but due to the popularity, presenters and discussion leaders had limited time, so please contact me ASAP at Jonathan Rosenbaum <> so I can add you to a time slot in the schedule.

    In past Bike!Bike! conferences, I have presented the current state of Free Software designed specifically for the operation of Community Bike Shops, here and here . However, in this wonderful conference, the floor will be opened up to everyone who wants to discuss and/or show (screen share) their software operations and/or development, and/or ask questions and/or try to prove that paper is better and/or discuss what software has meant to the success of their organization during the pandemic, or more normal times. Software discussions are not limited only to Free Software. One of the results of this workshop last year was the formation of the B!B!E! tech team. The development the team has performed on our conference software, the proposed development under way on our next generation conference software, and how to become involved shall close out our discussion.

    Facilitator Background: I have been managing Positive Spin as a volunteer in Morgantown, WV, since 2013, after taking on the challenge in 2012 to save the 501(c)(3) organization from liquidation. Initially, everything was run with the original messy, ineffective, and highly error-prone paper based record system, which was re-entered into the open source accounting system, GnuCash, which replaced the previous spreadsheet method. By 2014, it was obvious we needed a Point of Sale tailored to the needs of a volunteer-run bike collective. Hence, began my adventure in finding that software. As a result, I developed the Reuse Bikes and Reuse Code website to provide demonstrations of existing software, as well as the Wiki Software page. Keeping this story short, I ended up developing a fork of the Yellow Bike Database (YBDB), which I strongly attribute to the viability of our organization since early 2015. As of early 2022, the shop now has a new "next generation" software system (currently an inventory component) I am actively developing called BikeShopi that I briefly demonstrated at B!B!E!2021, which has made operations even more positively, pleasant!

    Bike!Bike! with a Positive Spin!

  • The Digital Collective: The Opportunities and Challenges of New Media

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    Digital media sharing platforms present opportunities for bike collectives to gain more presence online. A strong online presence could result in greater reach, more supporters and more funding. But using these platforms also presents technical/operational issues, privacy concerns and artistic/creative challenges. This will be a facilitated discussion to outline the What/Why/How of using new media. The goal is to inspire individual collectives to better leverage digital media and furthermore inspire digital collaborations between Collectives around the globe.

    WHAT is new media? What are the different forms of new media available to/being used by collectives today?

    WHY use digital media? How could bike collectives (individually and as a group) be impacted positively/negatively from participating in these platforms?

    HOW does your organization use digital media? What are some ways to navigate privacy concerns, creative challenges and technical/operational issues?

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