Wheelchair Maintenance Workshop

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Two organizations out of Portland have partnered to bridge the gap between the wheelchair and bike communities, Bike Farm and Oregon Spinal Cord Injury Connection. We've applied the DIY/DIT ethos of bicycle cooperatives to wheelchair maintenance to empower users to do their own maintenance, in order to help them build power outside of the for-profit medical world. We also work to build a distributed network of bikeshops in Portland that are comfortable servicing wheelchairs, in order to give wheelchair users more options when they need a quick fix. In this workshop we will give a presentation on our mission, our monthly series in Portland and the adaptations we have made to this series the past 2 years it has been in operation. We will also discuss the challenges we have faced in setting up this workshop series and how other cooperatives might go about initiating a similar series in their own city. We will also cover the most common and recurring aspect of maintenance with a simple demonstration on how to clean out caster wheels.

Presenters: Alison Percifield (she/her), West Livaudais (he/him) and Tyler Stolt (he/they), Aaron Farquhar (he/him)




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